Item No: MD12132
Brand: MDBuddy/Customized
Color: Black
Material: TPE+PP+PVC
Size: 63(D)*21(H)cm
Item weight: 6.4kg
Packing details: Polybag+Carton
Delivery time: Within 28 Working Days
Payment method: T/T or L/C
Shipping details: By Air/Sea/Railway

About the MDBuddy Balance Trainer:

The balance trainercombines the elements of stability and instability to engage multiple muscle groups and improve core strength, balance, and flexibility.Force you to maintain your center of gravity during any exercise. Its dome-shaped platform with a flat bottom creates endless exercise possibilities, making it suitable for users of all fitness levels.

Whether you are a beginner or an established athlete, our balance trainer offers a comprehensive solution for achieving your fitness goals as long as you want to do in-depth training with balance and stability.

Characteristics and advantages of the MDBuddy Balance Trainer:

* UFO unique shape design: In the design process, MD developers continued the UFO's sense of the future, the sense of science and technology style, cleverly used streamlined lines and geometric modeling, perfection integrates three senses into design.

* Double-sided design: One side of the balance trainer has a textured, non-slip surface for enhanced grip and stability during exercise, while the other side provides a soft, comfortable surface suitable for stretching and rehabilitation. In the treatment of the surface pattern, our design team carefully integrated the company's iconic "super graphics" to highlight the uniqueness and recognition of the MDBuddy brand.

* Durable construction: Made of high quality, durable and environmentally friendly PVC material, our balance trainer ensures long-lasting durability and reliability, even under intense workout conditions.


*Packing: polybag+carton(or customized packing)

*Meas.: 64.5*12*64.5cm

*N.W./G.W.: 6.4/7.4kg

*Double packing  in polybags and cartons to protect the product from damage in transit.

*When we receive your order, we will arrange production with the fastest possible delivery time.

*The goods can be transported by air, sea or rail and can be arranged with your forwarder or, if you do not have your own forwarder, we can provide you with a professional and reasonably priced forwarder to ensure that your goods are delivered safely to your warehouse.