MDJR004_画板 1
MDJR004_画板 1


Item No: MDJR004
Brand: MDBuddy/ Customized
Color: black+red (or customized)
Material: PVC
Size: L-2750mm, bead-4cm(L)*1cm(D)
Item weight: 170g
Packing details: polybag+carton
Delivery time: Within 28 working Days
Payment method: T/T or L/C
Shipping details: By air/sea/rail

Ten minutes a day to burn fat and get in shape

Jumping rope is even more efficient than running or swimming, as each jump is a rhythmical movement of the wrist that reaches the whole body.
A jump rope completes a cardio sprint, using speed to burn a large number of calories in a short period of time, and allows you to adjust the speed of the rope more flexibly to control the intensity of your training. Jumping rope protects the knees better than running and other high-impact exercises, which can effectively relieve knee stress.

Features of MDJR004:

*flexible and tangle-free, suitable for a variety of training

*custom foam grips are designed to reduce hand fatigue during longer workouts

*heavier than normal jump ropes, but more durable

*logo and color can be customized


*Size: L-2750mm, bead-4cm(L)*1cm(D)

*Packing: polybag+carton(or customized packing)

*Double packing in polybags and cartons to protect the product from damage in transit.

*When we receive a new order, we will arrange production with the fastest possible delivery time.

*The goods can be transported by air, sea or rail and can be arranged with your forwarder or, if you do not have your own forwarder, we can provide you with a professional and reasonably priced forwarder to ensure that your goods are delivered safely to your warehouse.