Item No: MDJR052
Brand: MDBuddy/Customized
Color: Blue/Pink/Customized Color
Material: PP+PVC+EVA
Size: 45mm(D)×30g
Item weight: 140g
Packing details: Polybag+Carton
Delivery time: Within 28 Working Days
Payment method: T/T or L/C
Shipping details: By Air/Sea/Railway

Ten minutes a day to burn fat and get in shape!

MDBuddy cordless jump rope is an innovative fitness equipment designed to meet the fitness needs of modern urban life. It combines ergonomic design, efficiency, and stylish aesthetics to provide users with an outstanding jumping rope experience.

The handles of the cordless jump rope are designed with advanced ergonomics, featuring smooth curves and a comfortable grip to ensure that users do not experience hand fatigue during extended use. The handles are covered with a high-quality non-slip material, providing a secure grip even when hands are sweaty, effectively preventing slippage and enhancing safety.

The MDBuddy cordless jump rope ingeniously addresses the space limitations often encountered during the use of traditional jump ropes. Its cordless design eliminates space restrictions, making it suitable for use in limited spaces such as homes and offices. Whether in the living room, balcony, or office lounge, users can easily engage in efficient aerobic exercise.

The handles are equipped with built-in weighted balls to simulate the swinging sensation of a real jump rope. The clever integration of the weighted balls with the handles allows users to experience the authentic feeling of jumping rope during exercise. The handle design combines square and round elements, providing a stable grip while adding to the overall aesthetic appeal, meeting users’ dual requirements for functionality and style.

The MDBuddy cordless jump rope is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it convenient to carry around. Whether on a business trip, travel, or daily commute, users can exercise anytime, anywhere, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Ergonomic Design: Smooth and comfortable handle grip with non-slip material for safe use.

Cordless Design: Eliminates space restrictions, suitable for home and office use.

Innovative Structure: Integration of handles and weighted balls for an authentic jumping rope experience.

High-Quality Material: Durable handles and high-strength nylon rope ensure long-term use.

Adjustable Design: Rope length can be freely adjusted.


*Packing: 1pc/polybag, 40pcs/carton(or customized packing)

*Meas.: 53×41×29.5 cm

*N.W./G.W.: 5.6/7.2kg

*Double packing in polybags and cartons to protect the product from damage in transit.

*When we receive a new order, we will arrange production with the fastest possible delivery time.

*The goods can be transported by air, sea or rail and can be arranged with your forwarder or, if you do not have your own forwarder, we can provide you with a professional and reasonably priced forwarder to ensure that your goods are delivered safely to your warehouse.