MD2120_画板 1
MD2120_画板 1


Item No: MD2120
Brand: MDBuddy/Customized
Color: Black/Customized color
Material: TPU+Steel
Size: 3-20kg(1kg per increment)/20-50kg(2kg per increment)
Item weight: 3-20kg(1kg per increment)/20-50kg(2kg per increment)
Packing details: Polybag+Carton+Wooden case
Delivery time: Within 28 Working Days
Payment method: T/T or L/C
Shipping details: By Air/Sea/Railway
3-20kg(1kg per increment)
20-50kg(2kg per increment)

About MDBuddy TPU coated dumbbells:

*The dumbbell head is TPU coated to ensure our quality and protect your health.

*Steel cast inner core. Compared with iron, steel has stronger quality, which makes our dumbbells more durable and resistant to falls.

*MDBuddy TPU coated dumbbell features straight and knurled handles with a 28&30&32mm diameter for easy grip, even when sweat or weight slips off.

*Different ways for the logo : PVC label or laser logo.

* While the head retains the smooth appearance of a round dumbbell, it has edges that prevent rolling, guaranteeing stability and protecting you from potential injuries.

*Compared with urethane, TPU material made dumbbells, quality is better than rubber, but the price is more competitive.

Characteristics and advantages:

*The color, logo & packing can be customized.

*Different sizes for your choice: 3-20kg (1kg per increment)
                                                       20-50kg (2kg per increment)

*We used the hard chrome handle for all the dumbbells.

*Handle diameter: 3-10kg    28mm
                                 11-28kg  30mm
                                 30-50kg  32mm

*We can also provide you with matching  rack, providing you with one-stop service.


*Size: 3-20kg (1kg per increment)
           20-50kg (2kg per increment)

*Packing: Polybag+Carton+Wooden Case

*Triple packing in polybags, cartons and wooden cases to protect the product from damage in transit.

*When we receive your order, we will arrange production with the fastest possible delivery time.

*The goods can be transported by air, sea or rail and can be arranged with your forwarder or, if you do not have your own forwarder, we can provide you with a professional and reasonably priced forwarder to ensure that your goods are delivered safely to your warehouse.